Mrs Universal Empire

Mrs Universal Empire is a world-Class international entertainment company and a family-run business that gives women plenty of opportunities to achieve success. This company led by Layla Najafe, who is an international public figure and boasts extensive experience in the international entertainment industry, the company aims to revolutionize the scene by making it more impactful on society. Thanks to Layla’s background as an executive director of many international fashion shows (including Dubai), well known international runway model and coach, movie producer and actress.

Layla Najafe the CEO of Mrs Universal Empire has been working on many international charity campaigns for years including a rebuilding school for children in Jamaica and Ghana, fundraising for elderly in Istanbul, fundraising for mental health, supporting single parents and campaign against racism. She was also an ambassador of heart and kidney foundation in the UK. Layla Najafe is a loving mother who values family very much , thus ensuring her success as a businesswoman with a heart for positive change.

Mrs Universal Empire company is happy to serve and usher its clientele toward success.

What sets Mrs Universal Empire apart is our resilience, determination, and passion for the people in the industry. Through a mix of production design services, fashion production services, and music video production services, we create the perfect package to present your brand and image. With our cutting-edge technology, creativity, client relationships, and business acumen, we take our clients to the next level of their careers.

The Dzire News is the exclusive Media partner of Mrs Universal empire throughout Europe , North America and Asia including India and middle east . Dzire News is a venture of M/s Dzire Broadcasting Pvt ltd company .

Layla najafe Director and CEO of Mrs universal Empire