About us

The Dzire news Magazine is India’s first Electronic Magazine (E-Magazine) in which a unique experiment has been started. Keeping in mind the interest of the readers, especially the young generation who prefer to communicate in Hindi as well as English Languages, the Dzire News also aims to provide interesting and latest articles about Entertainment, Politics, Health and Business from local to Global sources in both the languages in a single Magazine.

Due to the contributions of content from the people at the top, who possess authority as well as deep knowledge about the variety of topics, the articles and other content in Dzire News are authentic and real. You can say everything written and mentioned in Dzire News will be coming from the ‘Horse’s mouth’ only. There are no chances of any controversy or denial in any of the articles.

Now coming to the good news that every budding writer wishes to hear! In case you have knowledge and talent to express your thoughts in interesting manner, we would publish your articles (subject to terms & conditions) after approval from our prestigious Editorial Team. Needless to say, the articles or stories must be original and engaging.

The Dzire News Magazine as an Electronic-Magazine is being circulated widely through Social media and Search Engine Optimization. The instant reach to thousands of readers also makes it a real winner in terms of wide display of advertisements about your Business & Services. Thus, at nominal prices you get to choose from a large variety of Advertisement, available in Static and Video Formats. All the advertisements will be linked with your Website and when people will click on the hyper linked Advertisements, they would also reach your Website and explore your Business and Services. You will be simply saving huge money otherwise to be spent on advertising and marketing of your business online. In case you don’t have any Web Portal designed yet, we will create it for you at almost 50% of the prevailing regular charges. For more details, you may please send the query form, along with brief details about your Business/Services. We assure to provide you the best professional services so that the awareness about you has a result-oriented Global reach.

You are requested to please go through the Dzire News Magazine and send your valuable suggestions so that we keep on improving the quality of the Magazine as per your expectations.